THEATRE: MedRevue potters about withmedicine

29/06/2018 // by admin

DEDICATED: Hannah Coleman and Josh McLarty rehearsing the opening dance for the University of Newcastle MedRevue, Harry Potter and the Principles of Medicine.

HARRY Potter fans can enjoy an amusingly reworked version of the tales of magic and misadventure when the annual MedRevue is staged at Newcastle University’s Griffith Duncan Theatre next weekend.

In the revue, Harry Potter and the Principles of Medicine, Harry uses medicine, instead of magic, to solve innumerable problems.

And, as the revue is being staged by the University of Newcastle Medical Society, the characters will include some of the lecturers from the faculty of health and medicine.

However, as revue producer Hannah Coleman notes, audience members won’t need to be medical experts to enjoy the show.

The revue’s directors, Fletcher Carlton and Scott Craythorn, have written a laugh-raising script, and 70 medical students are involved in the performances, band and backstage crew.

Hannah Coleman, who worked as a professional dancer in the US and Canada before returning to Australia to be a medical student, is one of several cast members with a performing background.

Peter Enks, for example, who plays Harry Potter in the revue, is a member of the Capulets, a band that plays regularly at the Delany Hotel and did well in the recent Battle of the Bands in Newcastle.

Cale Fletcher, one of the dancers, was offered a gig at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, but opted instead to stay in Newcastle and study medicine.

Harry Potter and the Principles of Medicine will be staged at the Griffith Duncan Theatre, on the university’s Callaghan campus, on Friday and Saturday, at 7pm. Tickets are $15, with a $10 concession rate for members of the Medical Society. Bookings: www.trybooking南京夜网/95456.

All proceeds will go to LeapFrog Ability, a charity for disabled children.

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