Herald reporter Joanne McCarthy on ABC’s Australian Story

29/06/2018 // by admin

JOANNE McCARTHYRead Joanne McCarthy’s work on child abuse by the Catholic Church here.

COMMENT: Why we need a royal commission into church sex abuse(the opinion piece Joanne McCarthy talks about in Australian Story)

GOLD Walkley-winning Newcastle Herald journalist Joanne McCarthy will be featured on tonight’s episode of Australian Story.

The program will focus on McCarthy’s investigation, which began in 2006, into child sex abuse within the Catholic Church and whose work led to one of Australia’s biggest-ever royal commissions.

Newcastle Herald editor Chad Watson has described McCarthy as a “formidable force”.

“Joanne’s pursuit for justice on behalf of the victims has been nothing short of fearless. Her work has found herself very much wedged between two of the most powerful and patriachal institutions that we have. And by that I mean the Catholic Church and the Police Force,” he said.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was so impressed that one of her last acts in office was to send a personal note to McCarthy.

Australian Story starts at 8pm on ABC on Monday August 25.

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