Victor Harbor journalist completes ice bucket challengeVideo

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The #IceBucketChallenge for motor neurone disease (MND) has hit newsrooms across Fairfax Media.
Nanjing Night Net

The Times journalist Anthony Caggiano was dared to complete the challenge by Dylan Hogarth of the Murray Valley Standard. You can see Dylan’s video here.

Anthony has nominated three other Fairfax Media staff to complete the challenge.

The social media craze sees people post a video online of them pouring a bucket of iced water over their head. They have the right to nominate three others to either do the same, or make a donation in aid of the cause.

Celebrities who have taken up the challenge include Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Kylie Minogue.

MND Australia said the acronym is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells (neurones) controlling the muscles that enable us to move, speak, breathe and swallow undergo degeneration and die.

It is also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in many parts of the world, and as Lou Gehrig’s disease in the USA.

Research is being performed to find a cure.

If you wish to donate, visit

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KNTFLLast minor round of the season

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Nanjing Night Net

Bordertown 2014 4.2, 13.5, 21.14, 24.17 (161)

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 0.0, 2.2, 3.3, 7.4 (46)


Mundulla 2014 3.5, 7.8, 10.10, 13.14 (92)

Naracoorte 2014 1.6, 2.10, 5.13, 8.14 (62)

GOALS, Mundulla 2014 :J. Hinge 4, D. Burgess 2, H. Thorpe 1, T. Perry 1, J. McGrice 1, J. Milligan 1,T. Excell 1, B. Packer 1, S. Luckett 1

Naracoorte 2014 :C. Beggs 2, S. Willson 1, B. Gould 1, Z. Donnelly 1, J. Dixon 1, D. Myall 1,T. Burns 1

BEST, Mundulla 2014 :J. Obst, H. Trenorden, J. Hinge, T. Excell, T. Perry, J. Milligan

Naracoorte 2014 :J. Cother, T. Atkins, C. Beggs, M. Gill, B. Gould, S. Willson


Kingston 2014 6.2, 9.7, 14.8, 15.13 (103)

Border Districts 2014 2.5, 3.5, 6.9, 9.16 (70)

GOALS, Kingston 2014 :M. Higgs 5, J. Austin 2, S. Braidwood 2, A. Stenner 2, S. Robertson 1, K. Baker 1,B. Warner 1, J. Hyland 1

Border Districts 2014 :C. Barras 4, N. Thomas 2, S. Ferenci 1, F. Adams 1, N. Naylor 1

BEST, Kingston 2014 :M. Higgs, M. Williams, J. Austin, J. Gluyas, A. Matthias, A. Cunneen

Border Districts 2014 :C. Burr, S. Ferenci, F. Adams, D. Hannaford, D. Skinner, N. Oliver


Lucindale 2014 7.4, 11.7, 13.8, 19.10 (124)

Kybybolite 2014 0.1, 1.4, 5.8, 8.9 (57)

GOALS, Lucindale 2014 :S. Mardling 6, S. Mcgurk 4, S. Logan 4, A. Branson 2, M. Snowball 1, R. Handbury 1,B. Kelsh 1

Kybybolite 2014 :S. Carberry 5, S. Shepherd 1, M. Slotegraaf 1, J. Mckay 1

BEST, Lucindale 2014 :S. Graetz, P. Baker, R. Handbury, T. Ware, S. Mardling, D. McCarthy

Kybybolite 2014 :J. Mckay, C. Sandercock, R. Jaensch, S. Craig, B. Kurtzer, J. Jaensch


Penola 2014 3.0, 7.5, 10.7, 16.15 (111)

Padthaway 2014 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 4.7 (31)

GOALS, Penola 2014 :A. Merrett 7, S. Jackman 1, W. Banton 1, J. Ransom 1, M. Ferguson 1, T. Bailey 1,B. Foster 1, D. Wenham 1, K. Ransom 1, M. Willson 1

Padthaway 2014 :T. Hindmarsh 1, T. Edwards 1, B. Gunning 1, L. Harder 1

BEST, Penola 2014 :T. Bailey, W. Banton, B. Mcintyre, B. Foster, M. Merrett, M. Ferguson

Padthaway 2014 :S. Edwards, K. Hicks, J. Dolling, S. Townsend, B. Ettridge, T. Hindmarsh


Bordertown 2014 3.10, 6.12, 7.12, 8.14 (62)

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 0.0, 1.0, 3.2, 4.2 (26)

GOALS, Bordertown 2014 :D. Pilgrim 2, L. Eats 2, G. Twigden 1, S. McCallum 1, P. Wallis 1, T. Verco 1

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 :T. Lannin 2, J. Jarred 1, J. Saunderson 1

BEST, Bordertown 2014 :T. Bailey, M. Long, J. Searle, L. Eats, D. Pilgrim, S. McCallum

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 :J. Jarred, S. Hawker, L. Mattschoss, J. Preston, N. Meyer, T. Hawker


Mundulla 2014 3.5, 3.8, 7.9, 10.12 (72)

Naracoorte 2014 0.0, 0.3, 1.8, 2.10 (22)

GOALS, Mundulla 2014 :B. Douglas 4, C. Wiese 2, B. Milligan 2, W. Packer 1, Z. Digby 1

Naracoorte 2014 :C. Gill 2

BEST, Mundulla 2014 :M. Rowett, N. Milligan, B. Douglas, B. Pilgrim, B. Milligan, R. Pilgrim

Naracoorte 2014 :W. Broadstock, C. Gill, B. Pope, M. Smith, J. Richards


Kingston 2014 0.0, 5.1, 8.6, 9.6 (60)

Border Districts 2014 1.5, 1.8, 2.9, 5.10 (40)

GOALS, Kingston 2014 :T. Mcgovern 6, G. Brice-Marwood 1, T. Gardner 1, M. Gibbs 1

Border Districts 2014 :J. Shepherd 2, J. Burns 1, B. Ellis 1, J. Bailey 1

BEST, Kingston 2014 :M. Cooper, J. Sampson, T. Mcgovern, C. Cooper, G. Brice-Marwood, H. Goode

Border Districts 2014 :B. Ellis, P. Derrington, L. Nicholas, J. Shepherd, J. Burns, A. Pitt


Kybybolite 2014 1.1, 3.1, 5.4, 10.8 (68)

Lucindale 2014 4.2, 7.4, 9.7, 9.7 (61)

GOALS, Kybybolite 2014 :J. Tidy 2, B. Cook 2, A. Pilkington 1, M. Gericke 1

Lucindale 2014 :J. Wheaton 4, M. Lampard 2, A. Watson 1, J. Burns 1, M. Baker 1

BEST, Kybybolite 2014 :M. Gericke, J. Tidy, B. Cook, L. Curnow, J. Garrod, B. Nikkerud

Lucindale 2014 :P. Morton, R. Wilkin, J. Wheaton, T. Brody, J. Burns, D. Sherwin


Penola 2014 5.6, 8.8, 11.11, 15.13 (103)

Padthaway 2014 0.0, 1.1, 1.1, 3.4 (22)

GOALS, Penola 2014 :T. Clayfield 4, S. Minge 2, W. Clayfield 2, S. Zadow 2, B. Wurst 1, J. Mansell 1,T. Moore 1, R. Arney 1, J. Skeer 1

Padthaway 2014 :M. Lampard 1, C. Williams 1, R. Brooksby 1

BEST, Penola 2014 :J. Skeer, M. Redman, B. Wurst, W. Clayfield, T. Lepley, R. Arney

Padthaway 2014 :S. Ward, P. Goodridge, J. Hazel, P. Schutz, A. Turner, M. Lampard


Bordertown 2014 3.2, 6.11, 6.12, 10.15 (75)

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 1.2, 1.2, 2.3, 3.3 (21)

GOALS, Bordertown 2014 :R. Mewett 3, A. Seneca 2, B. Jarrett 1, C. McCarthy 1, H. Fromm 1, B. Foulds 1,J. Eats 1

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 :S. Little 1, B. King 1, L. Grosser 1

BEST, Bordertown 2014 :J. Eats, A. Seneca, B. Paech, H. Fromm, B. Jarrett, R. Densley

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 :L. Bennett, H. Bennett, J. O’Connor, A. McFARLANE, J. Merrett, B. King


Naracoorte 2014 0.3, 1.4, 4.7, 8.9 (57)

Mundulla 2014 0.0, 0.0, 1.2, 1.8 (14)

GOALS, Naracoorte 2014 :R. Pedler 2, J. Bell 2, C. Stokie 2, W. Harris 1, T. Burns 1

Mundulla 2014 :P. Lowe 1

BEST, Naracoorte 2014 :N. Sneath-Uphill, R. Jacobs, D. Leech, W. Lobban, J. Bell, J. Adams

Mundulla 2014 :R. Koch, J. Richards, T. Campbell, C. Fryar, . Wiese, S. Lewin


Lucindale 2014 4.3, 10.8, 13.9, 14.13 (97)

Kybybolite 2014 2.0, 4.0, 9.5, 11.7 (73)

GOALS, Lucindale 2014 :W. Gould 3, D. Fogarty 3, J. Tapfield 2, L. Jones 1, S. McGOVERN 1

Kybybolite 2014 :T. Hunter 3, W. Stewart 2, J. Kelson 2, F. Maggi 1, L. Black 1, S. Crook 1,J. Mailey 1

BEST, Lucindale 2014 :D. Fogarty, B. Major, M. Baker, H. Tregoweth, S. McGOVERN , L. Kelsh

Kybybolite 2014 :T. Hunter, S. Crook, M. Smith, W. Stewart, C. Masters, L. Black


Penola 2014 2.9, 9.12, 16.14, 20.16 (136)

Padthaway 2014 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 2.0 (12)

GOALS, Penola 2014 :B. Walker 7, B. Minion 5, B. Smith 3, J. Pahl 2, S. Merrett 1, A. Eckermann 1,J. Anderson 1

Padthaway 2014 :

BEST, Penola 2014 :J. Anderson, J. Gartner, S. Burgess, S. Merrett, B. Walker, L. March

Padthaway 2014 :M. Farrow, C. Hicks, M. Sims, C. Northam, W. Fraser, D. Reed


Bordertown 2014 3.1, 5.2, 7.3, 7.3 (45)

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 1.2, 2.3, 3.3, 6.5 (41)

GOALS, Bordertown 2014 :L. Murch 3, D. Inglis 2, L. Weatherald 1, L. Makin 1

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 :J. Fiscalini 3, B. Dodson 2, D. Natt 1

BEST, Bordertown 2014 :L. Makin, H. Kroemer, H. Shuttleworth, D. Inglis, T. Leigh, J. Trenorden

Kaniva Leeor United 2014 :B. Dodson, J. Maddern, J. Fiscalini, J. Merrett, D. Willersdorf, C. Williams


Naracoorte 2014 3.1, 8.4, 11.6, 12.6 (78)

Mundulla 2014 0.1, 0.1, 2.3, 2.3 (15)

GOALS, Naracoorte 2014 :R. Palma 4, A. Searle 1, N. Albrecht 1, N. Vonepraseuth 1, D. Albrecht 1, K. Schmid 1,C. Borg 1, J. Williams 1, A. Borg 1

Mundulla 2014 :L. Hinge 1, T. Gaden 1

BEST, Naracoorte 2014 :R. Palma, D. Albrecht, N. Vonepraseuth

Mundulla 2014 :T. Gaden, L. Hinge, L. Fryar, S. McCullam, D. Pfitzner


Kingston 2014 7.3, 10.3, 10.3, 10.3 (63)

Border Districts 2014 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0)

GOALS, Kingston 2014 :T. Baker 4, L. Pedlar 4, C. Williams 3, C. Burdon 2, H. Barker 1, K. Woodward 1,M. Pinkerton 1, J. Tapfield 1, C. Watts 1

Border Districts 2014 :J. Batchelor 1

BEST, Kingston 2014 :L. Pedlar, J. Hartman, W. Watts, E. Southall, C. Williams, F. Murdock

Border Districts 2014 :C. Hausler, J. Lyall, C. Gardner, J. Batchelor

Mercy rule in second quarter. Actual score at end of second quarter was 12 goals 4pts to Kingston nil Borders


Lucindale 2014 3.5, 4.8, 5.8, 8.10 (58)

Kybybolite 2014 1.0, 4.1, 7.2, 8.4 (52)

GOALS, Lucindale 2014 :L. Jones 2, L. Kelsh 2, W. Gould 2, J. Simpson 1, S. Fiegert 1

Kybybolite 2014 :E. Owen 2, B. Castine 2, O. Peltz 1, W. Russell 1, J. Ross 1, M. Black 1

BEST, Lucindale 2014 :W. Gould, L. Jones, L. Kelsh, S. Fiegert, T. Jennings, J. Walker

Kybybolite 2014 :W. Russell, H. Yelland, H. Schinckel, M. Black, J. Ross, E. Owen


Penola 2014 3.0, 4.1, 7.4, 10.4 (64)

Padthaway 2014 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0)

GOALS, Penola 2014 :L. Merrett 3, M. Beighton 2, J. Currie 1, W. Wittwer 1, S. Randhawa 1, L. Marcus 1,S. Gartner 1

Padthaway 2014 :

BEST, Penola 2014 :S. Randhawa, J. Currie, B. Gartner, W. Wittwer, D. Meek-Fennell, S. Klemm

Padthaway 2014 :L. Fabris, N. McCarthy, H. Williams, W. Fraser, A. Burzacott, T. Moyle Read

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Low on players, big on results

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ACHIEVEMENT: Young High School’s eight-man touch football team consisting of (back, left to right) Matt Murray, Luke Doldissen, Harry Dunn, Angus Ross, Josh Reynolds, Jacob Lucas and (front, left to right) Nathan Anderson and Joel McKenzie have returned home from Gosford after placing among the top eight touch football teams in the state. (sub)Young’s Open Touch Football team have had an extremely successful season in 2014, being named among the top eight teams in the state.
Nanjing Night Net

After winning a number of regional tournaments, then against Sydney at home, they progressed to the top 10 finals play-offs in Gosford last week.

According to coach Ben Cooper the level of touch football played in Gosford was absolutely outstanding, and with many players being NSW and Australian representatives, the carnival pulled together the best of the best in the touch world.

Young had the opportunity to display their skills against large Sydney schools and the elite sports high schools.

“Young High fielded a team small in numbers, but huge in heart,” he said.

Injuries and some students away on holidays, Young’s eight players had to front up against teams of 14.

A lack of reserves meant the team had to stay on field for the entire game.

“I was amazed at the pace of play – the games were fast and furious,” team manager Susan Wilkinson said.

And the Central Coast’s torrential rain did nothing to slow them down.

The relentless attack from Young’s centres allowed for some impressive driving with Matt Murray, Nathan Anderson and Joel McKenzie controlling the play.

Jacob Lucas, the only Year 7 student at the tournament, rose to the occasion and despite initially being concerned about playing “men with beards” had a cracker of a carnival and cemented his crucial role in the senior team.

Josh Reynolds was an absolute workhorse and had his best tournament yet, while Harry Dunn continued to demonstrate his agility, ball skills and positive talk. Angus Ross came into the team at the last minute and played impressively right across the field.

Coach Cooper was extremely proud of his team.

“For the boys to have achieved eighth position in NSW Opens Touch is absolutely outstanding,” he said.

“The fact that we had a young team also points to a bright future for our opens squad.

“I would like to thank all the boys for their commitment to training, dedication to learning set plays and for their excellent sportsmanship.”

Cooper went on to say the carnival was a great way to send off Year 12 students Nathan Anderson and Joel McKenzie who have represented the school for six years and helped to referee and coach junior touch teams.

The focus now turns to Young High’s junior touch football, with the school’s Year 7/8 and 9/10 touch teams heading off to state finals in Penrith on November 7.

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Bossley Park truck driver fined

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The trailer carrying the barramundi had significant rustA seriously defected truck carrying a load of live barramundi has been pulled over during a three-day heavy-vehicle operation in the state’s south.
Nanjing Night Net

Operation Siritis was run by the Joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce, which comprises personnel from the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

It targeted heavy vehicles not complying with road-transport legislation, as well as unsafe and illegal driver behaviour.

The operation started at 6am on August 19and ran until 10pmAugust 21, with a focus on the heavy-vehicle freight industry travelling the Hume Highway corridor.

Over the three days of Operation Siritis, police and RMS officers inspected a total of 771 trucks and trailers at sites in Marulan, Holbrook and West Wyalong.

It was at Holbrook that police pulled over a refrigerated truck on August 20.

They questioned the driver, who informed them he was carrying a load of live barramundi.

The fish, which were contained in six tanks in the back of the truck, were bound for restaurants in Sydney.

“Upon closer inspection, officers found the trailer to have significant rust throughout, which could have given way at any time – causing danger not only to the driver of the truck, but also to other road users following nearby,” NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said.

“Trucks carrying significant loads that are not securely restrained is a serious issue for the industry overall.

“Joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce officers shouldn’t have to be the ones who are securing loads on trucks that have left major distribution centres throughout Australia,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

The truck driver, a 42-year-old Bossley Park man, was issued with two traffic infringement notices for the offences of allow liquid to fall to roadway and use unsafe/unserviceable vehicle.

He also received a defect notice.

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Wingham Tigers off to a good start

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WINGHAM had a great start to the Group Three Rugby League elimination semi-final when Matt Bartlett sent a pass to an unmarked winger Blake Sky to scamper across for a try.
Nanjing Night Net

Luke Steel nailed the goal from the sideline.

The Sharks replied when elusive centre Oral Monaghan slipped a tackle and sprinted to the corner to cross for an unconverted try.

Wingham had further cause to celebrate when Matt Bridge sent a close pass to Ricky Tobi and the second rower was over just before halftime. Steel’s goal made it 12-4 at lemons.

Wingham coughed up possession from the re-start and Monaghan made them pay when he showed pace to get outside the defence and race over. Geary potted an angled conversion and at 12-10 the Sharks were back in business.

Mitch Steel then grabbed an intercept 40 metres out. He’s been troubled by hamstring problems this year and this was obvious as he laboured his way to the line.

But he got there and a Matt Bridge field goal soon after opened up a 17-10 lead with 15 minutes remaining.

Penalties started to flow Port’s way from there and from a loose ball Gore sent centre Adam Greenaway over, Wingham players later claiming the ball earlier went forward off a Port player. Geary kicked the conversion. His penalty goal soon after rounded off the scoring, with the Sharks trooping off 18-17 winners.

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