Rapper identified as James Foley’s executioner: reports

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British rapper suspected asFoley’s executioner:London rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary has been identified as the leading suspect in the beheading of US journalist JamesFoley, according to reports.
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British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6 have identified the man suspected of the horrific beheading of American journalist James Foley, according to British media reports.

The hooded man with an English accent is believed to be 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, known to fellow Islamic State militants as Jihadi John.

The former rapper left his family home in an affluent west London suburb last year to fight in the civil war in Syria.

In early August he tweeted a photo of himself wearing military camouflage and a black hood, while holding a severed head in his left hand.

Key suspect: Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary who raps under the name Lyricist Jinn Matic. Photo: YouTube

British SAS forces are hunting Foley’s killer, using a range of high-tech equipment to track him down and potentially free other hostages.

The Mail on Sunday is reporting that a “significant force” of SAS personnel has been deployed to northern Iraq over the past two days, joining local units fighting the Islamic State. They have fanned out into four-man teams, accompanying Iraqi and Kurdish troops in an effort to find British jihadists.

The Sunday Times reports that Bary is the key focus of the manhunt. He is one of the British jihadists referred to by former hostagesas the Beatles because of their British accents. The two others were called “George” and “Ringo”.

The two other Britons suspected of involvement in the crime are Aine Davis, a former drug dealer who converted to Islam, and Razul Islam, who is believed to have joined the terrorist group that murdered Foley.

Bary is the son of an Egyptian-born militant who is awaiting trial on terrorism charges in Manhattan, due to his alleged involvement in the bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

A still from the video of James Foley’s execution. Photo: AP

Before leaving the family home to fight in Syria, Bary was an aspiring rapper known as L Jinny whose music was played on one of Britain’s most popular radio stations, BBC Radio 1.

Recordings of his songs will prove vital to the investigating team, with experts using voice recognition technology to match his voice with that of the man who brutally decapitated Mr Foley.

Bary made a number of music videos for his songs, with titles such as Flying High, Dreamer and Overdose.

It is believed he was indoctrinated by an Islamic preacher named Anjem Choudary who persuaded him to join the fight in Syria.


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Baird’s rocky drop in

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THEY came to open the revamped Rocky Hill war memorial but controversy tagged Premier Mike Baird and his Minister Pru Goward all day.
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If it wasn’t a wind farm protest greeting the duo at a Liberal Party fundraiser, it was the fallout of ICAC proceedings.

The corruption scandal hung heavily in the air at the Southern Star Inn. Some 80 people were there to support Ms Goward’s Goulburn campaign for 2015.

Ms Goward later told the Post that every person had to sign a document stating they weren’t a prohibited donor.

“Everybody was independently checked by the State Liberal Party and I know that because I spoke to the state director yesterday to confirm that they weren’t developers, pub owners or any other prohibited donor. It was all properly done,” she said.

Ms Goward was confident that she had never received an illegal donation. She said she did not handle any fundraising proceedings; it went directly to the State Electoral Council and was checked.

Mr Baird spoke about the ICAC inquiry at Friday’s lunch. He told the audience he and the party were “gutted” by the fallout and about his planned reforms, Ms Goward said.

PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL: NSW Premier Mike Baird (second right) officially opened Goulburn’s upgraded Rocky Hill War Memorial on Friday. Local photographer Matt Maas presented his stunning photo of Rocky Hill at night to Mr Baird as the council’s gift from the city. Also on hand were Mayor Geoff Kettle, Goulburn RSL Sub Branch president Gordon Wade, Goulburn MP Pru Goward and Hume MP Angus Taylor.

The MP could not say how the recent findings would affect her own campaign. She said she would understand and accept that people would be disgusted by the ICAC revelations but Mr Baird was intent on changing things.

“I have to fight the next election very hard,” she said.

“I think it has been a good government, we’re building things and we have the finances back under control and Goulburn is very comfortable.

“There are challenges though. I hope the review of (Goulburn Base) hospital’s upgrade is finished by the end of year I think we can get some money from the poles and wires sale to fund it.”

Ms Goward said the government had “done well” for Goulburn and she hoped for even more in the second term.

She was not concerned who the Labor candidate for Goulburn would be.

Meantime, Mayor Geoff Kettle said he would not be Ms Goward’s campaign manager at the 2015 election. Cr Kettle is also president of the Liberal State Electoral Council.

“The normal practice is that the president is also the campaign manager but I will be discussing my role with Ms Goward,” he said.

Cr Kettle told the Post he wanted to be impartial as mayor of Goulburn Mulwaree and maintain his focus on the area’s advancement. As such, he is also considering his future as SEC president.

But for at least 30 minutes, politics was swept aside “up on the hill.”

Mr Baird and a host of other dignitaries witnessed another milestone in Rocky Hill’s long history, the opening of a $400,000 upgrade. It includes a lowered forecourt, new steps and a ramp to the city’s iconic memorial.

School students, citizens, volunteers, defence force brass, police and councillors lauded the improvements on a rainthreatening though sunny afternoon.

Goulburn High School captain Hannah Cotton hosted proceedings and Cr Alfie Walker provided a welcome to country for a place holding rich cultural significance for everyone.

Goulburn East Public School students sung the national anthem and later their rendition, ‘We will Remember’ rang out over the city’s heights.

“I am looking out over our city, with this fantastic forecourt full of guests from across the generations and our iconic Rocky Hill is in the background,” Cr Kettle told the crowd.

“It doesn’t get much better, does it? I would suggest that this War Memorial would be one of the best in Australia, and arguably, second only to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra when it comes to experiencing the solemnity and atmosphere of a Dawn Service.”

The council contributed $320,000 to the work and the state government – $76,000.

Mr Baird paid tribute to the sacrifices in World War One, Goulburn’s 1500 men who enlisted and the community’s contribution to the memorial over many years.

He spoke of William Chisholm, reportedly the first Australian killed in World War One, who was born in Sydney but had strong Goulburn links. His name is still revered in the French village, Lignyen- Cambresis where a street is named after him.

Mr Baird said Goulburn should be justly proud of its memorial to the fallen.

The city gave Mr Baird a framed photograph of Rocky Hill set to a full moon, taken by local photographer Matt Maas who was on hand for the presentation.

Goulburn RSL Sub Branch president Gordon Wade also hosted the opening.

Guests included Federal Hume MP Angus Taylor, State Roads Minister Duncan Gay, who played a role in the project, mayors from surrounding areas, local councillors, RSL national president Rear Admiral Ken Doolan, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Moody, military adviser to the New Zealand High Commission, Hume Local Area police commander Zoran Dzevlan, the Bishop of Canberra/Goulburn, the Right Reverend Stuart Robinson and Dean of St Saviour’s, the Very Reverend Phillip Saunders and local principals and school leaders.

• Photo gallery to come

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Out and about in Bendigo: Photos

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Out and about in Bendigo: Photos Chris Hoy from Bendigo with Don Villani from Italy at the Newmarket Hotel.Picture: JIM ALDERSEY
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Jessica Ross and Melissa Buchanan at the Newmarket Hotel.Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

Sue Blow and Pauline Peters at the Newmarket Hotel.Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

Nate and Brett Hartley with Gerard Mooney and Derek Blow at the Newmarket Hotel.Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

Lilli Delaney, Lauree Hartley and Millie Blow at the Newmarket Hotel.Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

Ayden Mines, Jamie Townsend and Harry Warren from Dunolly Football Club on Silly Sunday at the Golden Vine Hotel.

Tim Britton, Sesse Olsen and Jay Pitto from Dunolly Football Club on Silly Sunday at the Golden Vine Hotel.

Hayden Wellard and Justin Penny from Dunolly Football Club on Silly Sunday at the Golden Vine Hotel.

Harry Donegan and Connor Thompson at the Golden Vine Hotel.

Darcy Hawker and Curtis Tuohey at the One Tree Hill Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Cadman Turner and Jack McCann at the One Tree Hill Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Cadman Turner and Jack McCann at the One Tree Hill Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Jess Fanning, Caitlyn Cose and Emma Tindill at the One Tree Hill Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Carly Van, Bree Schutt and Megan Thomas at the One Tree Hill Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Bears Lagoon-Sepentine Football Club Reserves at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Penny Keck and Amelia Johnson at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Emma Burke, Liz Angelo and Kristie Hedington at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Kate Stuart and Sam Oliver at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Craig Eeles and Ash Raeburn at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Marie Scholtes and Basil at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Bryce Herbert and Hannah Brickhill at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Evan Rithcie and Jo Tyndall at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Mt Pleasant Netball Club celebrate thier win at the Brougham Arms Hotel. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Kieran Byrne, Bill Saville and Barry Murphyat the Table of Knowledge at the Kangaroo Flat Hotel.

Harold Feley, Phil O’Brien, Ross Mitchell and Dylan Bowles at the Kangaroo Flat Hotel.

Jim Gane and Sharon Flett at the Windemere Hotel.

Jack Nelson, Dale Kent and Kaleb Priest at the Windemere Hotel.

Michael Duble, Zac Street, Blair Streetof team Black Magic at Bendigo Stadium.

Nathan Willing and Thomas Clarkeof team Black Magic at Bendigo Stadium.

Natalie, Amanda, Jacob & Geoff Hoffrichter at Bendigo Stadium.

Janelle, Ashley, Nicholas, Madi & Allanah Bell at Bendigo Stadium.

Laura Suckling, Allanah Bell and Brianna Hamann at Bendigo Stadium.

Oscar, Bryan, Tilly, Ella & Laura Suckling at Bendigo Stadium.

Eboni and Jade Budde with Oskar, 2 at Old Green Bean.

Hayden Stevens and Emily Waters at Old Green Bean.

Kris and Katie Tatt at Old Green Bean.

Madeline, Sharne, Alice and Ashley Rowley at the Exchange.Picture: PETER WEAVING

Jill Southcombe, Pat Conway, Maree Best and Jude Holt at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Sam Payne, John Edington, Kath O’Sullivan and Ethan Payne at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Bill and Judy Miller at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Kerry Rees, Evelyn Lehman and Cathie Miller at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Leanne, Rebecca and Amanda Pay, Claire, Rachel and Mary Partridge with Katie Gordon at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Jim Peoples with Janeice and David Barker at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Shaun Dwyer and Anthony Falcone at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVIN

David Murphy, Alex and Deana Kyrios, Adam Hardinge and Rob McGregor at The Bridge Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Enya Murray, Taylor Pearson, Daniel Costello and Jack Hando at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Monica and Sean Muller with Len Wilkie at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Debbie Softley, Jessica and Amy Bouck and Sophie Wilson at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Jayne Robertson, Elaine and Graham Clark and Max Robertson at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Eric, Jenny and Rob Penny with Laura Westcott at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Amanda Power-Hall and Daryl Hall at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Peter Axton, Andy McCorroll and Jason Cape at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Mark Axton, Joanne and Wayne Denbrok with Simon and Debra Amarant at Tysons Reef Hotel .Picture: PETER WEAVING

Caitlin Jones and Dylan Simpkins celebrate Dylans 21st birthday at the Brougham Arms Hotel.

Sam Fro Murray and Brody Every at the Brougham Arms Hotel.

Adam Waters and Leigh Johnson at the Brougham Arms Hotel.

Jayden Donaldson and Elise Hore at the Brougham Arms Hotel.

Rhys Carmen and Trent Kenyon at the Brougham Arms Hotel.

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Germein Gorge Road to reopen next MondayVIDEO

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The Germein Gorge Road during repairs. It is set to reopen next Monday.The fire and flood ravaged Germein Gorge Road in the southern Flinders Ranges will finally open early next month after major repair works.
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The main road through the ranges between Port Germein to Murray Town has been closed since January this year after the devastating Bangor Bushfire destroyed vegetation and subsequent heavy rains caused massive flood damage.

Acting Transport and Infrastructure Minister Tom Koutsantonis said time lapse footage released by the State Government showed the enormous task to rebuild the road.

“The footage shows the extent of the repair works being undertaken along Germein Gorge Road, following fire and flood damage earlier this year,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

“Services South East Pty Ltd, who are specialists in natural disaster clean-ups, were contracted to do the works.

“They are being undertaken in an environmentally-sensitive manner so as not to further damage the surrounding habitat.”

Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock said a range of restoration and recovery works have been undertaken.

“We are conserving the original stonemason walls where possible, building 13 temporary silt traps and reinforcing and reinstating the road in areas where it has been damaged beyond repair,” Mr Brock said.

“This will ensure Germein Gorge Road can accommodate future hi-volume water flows.”

The road is expected to be reopened on Monday, 1 September, weather permitting.

The final cost for all repairs is estimated at $2.4 million from the State Government’s Disaster Relief Fund.

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Deputy Bob praises leader

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IT’S A DEAL: Deputy Mayor Bob Kirk and Mayor Geoff Kettle with Yutaka and Yuko Imai and Southern Meats general manager Craig Newton earlier this month.DEPUTY Mayor Bob Kirk has formally given the council’s leader a “pat on the back” for his recent efforts on Goulburn Mulwaree’s behalf.
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In a notice of motion at Tuesday’s meeting he successfully moved that the Council record its thanks and appreciation to Mayor Geoff Kettle and that he be “commended for his focus and his efforts.”

But the idea didn’t sit comfortably with Cr Robin Saville, who abstained from voting.

“I’m just concerned this is out of place and rather bizarre, especially given we have a mayoral election next month,” he said.

Cr Kirk replied that it had nothing to do with the mayoral election, which he described as a coincidence.

He had simply been thinking about Cr Kettle’s work and intended it as a “complimentary motion,” he told the meeting.

“I think it’s entirely appropriate to recognise this and to say to people we’re not just a bunch of fat cats…A lot of people have no idea of the time and effort required.”

Cr Kirk was referring to Cr Kettle’s role in finalising an export lamb deal between Southern Meats and Japanese businessman, Yutaka Imai, who recently visited from Goulburn’s sister-city, Shibetsu. Mr Imai and his wife Yuko arrived following a reciprocal Goulburn Mulwaree visit to Shibetsu in July. While there, Cr Kettle had suggested Southern Meats as an export option for Mr Imai’s restaurants.

“A week or so back, following this very successful visit…I was giving thought to the role that Cr Kettle had played in making it such a success,” Cr Kirk told the meeting.

“Then I thought on the many activities that he has carried out during his time as Mayor – and how well he has done so.”

He said many people would not be aware of his efforts in “nursing the (Macarthur Grange) brewery proposal through to fruition,” pushing the archival storage project to key political players or the five days he had spent with the Imais during their time here.

“There have also been some difficult and embarrassing moments for Council in that time and these have also been well and professionally handled,” Cr Kirk said.

“Out of the latest of such moments, the Oallen Ford bridge issue, the mayor has again excelled. Under threat of losing the government grant for this project, Mayor Kettle got on the front foot, went to Sydney, contacted and met with Minister (Duncan) Gay and successfully secured the funding so this project can proceed. That was last week’s achievement.

“I know he will say he has been well supported by me and others, but his energy, focus and professionalism in all manner of dealings is outstanding and I would like to say so on behalf of the community.”

Cr Kettle replied that he was embarrassed.

“But you’re 100 per cent correct.

The person sitting here is only as good as the people in front and to the left and right of him,” he said.

All other councillors voted in favour of the motion.

The Mayoral and Deputy Mayoral elections will be held on September 16. Both Cr Kettle and Cr Kirk have committed to standing.

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